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Scoliosis is a spine problem that causes several health complications. If you believe that you or your child are suffering from scoliosis, consider chiropractic care. If you need a chiropractor, call our Brooksville or Spring Hill, FL, offices to make your chiropractic appointment for an assessment and treatment. 


What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine. It often begins when a child has their growth spurt right before puberty starts, and it can become worse as time passes. Even a mild case of scoliosis can cause serious problems if left untreated. Scoliosis in its severe form can be disabling. It can also cause there to be less space available inside the chest, leading to breathing problems due to cramped lungs. When there is more pressure on the lungs and heart from the rib cage, it can also cause heart problems and make it harder for the heart to work. Scoliosis can also cause patients to suffer from lower back pain.

Causes of Scoliosis

It is believed that there are genetic components of this condition, but for the most common causes of scoliosis, there are no known causes. It sometimes shows up genetically in families, but in many cases, there is no family history of the condition at all. There are rare types of this condition that can be caused by neuromuscular conditions such as cerebral palsy, spinal birth defects, birth defects to other bones, and spinal injuries. The condition is more common in families with a history of it. It generally starts before puberty begins and can keep causing problems throughout the rest of adolescence. About 3% of adolescents suffer from it, and it is equally distributed among boys and girls. However, severe cases that require treatment are much more common in girls. 

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractor in Florida

Anytime you suspect that your child may have scoliosis, it's important to get chiropractic care for the condition. The chiropractor will have to take x-rays to determine whether the child has it and how severe it may be. If you need a chiropractor for this condition or any other, give us a call at our Brooksville or Spring Hill, FL, offices to schedule your appointment. 

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